In an effort to  comply  with  the “Shelter-in-Place Order No.C19-05” issued by Co. of Sonoma Health Officer effective as of April 1, 2020 all non-essential building construction in Rohnert Park is to cease.  This will be in effect from April 1st through May 3rd under the provisions of the current Order. From now until April 2nd contractors will be allowed to clear sites of excess debris, and to make sure the sites are secured and made fully accessible by essential personnel.  As per the Order, allowances to continue construction will be considered if; the construction is associated with affordable housing containing at least 10% income-restricted units; or if the project is immediately necessary to provide critical non-commercial services to individuals experiencing homelessness, elderly persons, persons who are economically disadvantaged, and persons with special needs. This means all inspections will cease, unless the construction is deemed essential.

As a reminder during this time all City Facilities will be closed and City Staff will have limited access to email and may be unable to respond to get back to you.  However we will make every attempt to proceed with permit reviews for new and existing projects as our resources allow.   Please email for help with new or pending permit applications.  This does not mean all permits will be issued. Only permits for essential projects will be issued during this time, the others will be available when the City resumes operations.

If there is an emergency please move forward with repairs as needed and document all work with photographs and if safe to do so please leave any work exposed for inspection, otherwise cover it temporarily until the City resumes operations and an inspection can be conducted.